Watusi – All in one tweak for WhatsApp Messager


Watusi All in one tweak for WhatsApp Messager Watusi 1.0-1 works with iOS 7 or higher. For those of you who didn’t know, Watusi tweak is an all in one tweak for WhatsApp Messanger. After install this tweak you can option

ActionSlider for Notification Center


ActionSlider for Notification Center ActionSlider is the premium version of WeeCloseApps, and it includes many more actions to execute directly from Notification Center. close app, kill background, open switcher and more from Notification center!     With WeeCloseApps all you could do was close

Translate ProWidget


Translate ProWidget Translate ProWidget provides a very simple interface for translating text quickly and easily. You can enter the text that you want to translate, and then you can tap on the output language feature to choose the language you



DisturbPlease Tweak Enhanced Do Not Disturb settings. DisturbPlease enhances Do Not Disturb mode by allowing you to get SMS/MMS/iMessage notifications for a selected group of contacts when DnD is active. Messages from contacts belonging to that group will have normal



iScreenShot easily share screenshots to social apps - with one click . you can download this app via BYA repo. information which cannot be saved. To share the same with anyone, one would take a screenshot and then send it via Mail, iMessage, Facebook

iSimplie – is a great theme for Retina HD screens


iSimplie is a great theme for Retina HD screens iSimplie is grate ios 7 theme 2014. you can simply download this theme via BYA ropo for free .  you can customize carrier logo by using zeppelin . so many icon available

iOS 7.0.6


Apple released an update for iOS yesterday. The update, iOS 7.0.6, comes within days of its recent update for Chinese iPhones (iOS 7.0.5). The content of the update says that it fixes a SSL connection verification bug. The update seems

UIColors – colorizes your apps and iOS 7 UI


UIColors Here’s another project for working with UIColor called Colours For iOS from Ben Gordon.Colours for iOS provides over 100 predefined UIColors that you can call using their predefined text names, along with helper methods allowing you to work with

0bscure 7


0bscure 7 – Theme 0bscure7 for iOS 7 is a theme that lives up to its name by stepping away from the normalized design conventions that seem to be littered throughout most WinterBoard themes. The theme is most notable by its



LockLaunch7 - Launch favorite apps in LockScreen LockLaunch7 allows you to select favorite apps of your choice and display them with style in the lockscreen and dock allows you to open applications quickly without having to unlock the device.